• Curl Pattern and Hair Growth

    Curl Pattern and Hair Growth

    What’s the first question every everybody asks when they decide to transition to natural hair? They ask, “What’s my curl pattern”?

     I don’t know about you, but I wanted to know what my hair would look like once it wasn’t heat-damaged anymore. I thought that everything was based on the size of the curl, but I was wrong.

    Learning your curl pattern is a good first step to get to know your natural hair, but it’s confusing! There are a lot of things about hair that people don’t really talk about.

    There are common hair facts that need to be addressed, and I believe that some of the division will go away once people know these things.



    Just like our bodies change over time, our hair does the same thing. The reasons why your curl pattern changes will vary, but most of them can be boiled down to the health of your hair and how long it’s been healthy.

    If you decided to big chop or transition to natural hair, your curl pattern might be looser now compared to later. Especially with transitioning, your hair is used to being weighed down by the damaged hair, which slightly pulls it down. 

    I’ve noticed this with my hair, at least. When I was transitioning, I thought my hair was 3c/4a because it was a lot more curly than coily. 

    A few months after I cut off the damage, my hair started to coil up fast, and I saw that I was not 3c/4a. The very top of my head might be 4b because it’s more curly than coily, but the rest is a mix of 3b/3c.


    This curl pattern mixture can sometime confuse the growth of your hair.

    Having healthier hair will be the fastest way to see your curl pattern change, but its length will also shift just a bit. You’ll still be in the same curl pattern, but it might be slightly looser. 


    Here is where the nutrients that you put in your hair comes into play.  Using oils and moisturizers helps keeps your hair soft and growing. However having the right oils very essential to you



    You need to know the right mix of oils that have been proven to grow your hair FAST and naturally. Because all natural oils are highly concentrated, they can be very potent for direct application and may have an adverse effect on your scalp and hair. To find a mix that’s safe on your scalp and hair, it’s best if you do the find the right blend of oils suitable for you scalp/skin. Avoid companies that have silicone, parabens, mineral oils or any petrolatum in their oil products. Rule of thumb: If you can’t “Pronounce the Ingredients”  then do not use it.

    Remember: All-Natural is the way to go on your hair journey!


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